Hey Guys,

SpacePrison will be back online and un-whitelisted at Thursday July 14th 6:00am Australian Time. This will be the first major update on SpacePrison. I'm deeply sorry for how the server is not opened recently. This is due to the fact that there are major glitches on the server that needs to be addressed. I'll have each and every player to receive rewards for your patience. These rewards will be very good towards everyone. I hope you guys will forgive me for my absence and the lack of communication.

MGSBigBoss ---[SpacePrison:Owner]---

Hello all

RyuksLegacy posted Jul 7, 16

Hello all,

It is, with great regret that I inform I will be resigning from SpacePrison as of today 07.07.2016 Thursday 7th July 2016. There is no other reason for this other than me wanting to turn around and focus on my personal life, I want to focus on my YouTube my soon-to-be-girlfriend and my life ahead, thank you so much for the oppertunity of being staff on this server and of course at one point owning it, it has been a great ride and I assure you with great pleasure that current Staff (MGSBigBoss, DiamondSlayer, Woaxa, Derbie, EddyTheHunter etc) have the server in great hands, good luck with the future, I will of course still continue to play on SpacePrison and would like to have my past donator rank re-insated, I'll see you all soon! 

Xander - RyuksLegacy - Drama Alert.

Code_54 Aww I hate to see u go, but good luck man
ztradz202 NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU it cant be!

Hey Guys,

UPDATE #1: I'm going to be nice to you guys and give 1 more day to gather as much money as possible, so that you can make your plots on the server and build on it.  SP is currently at 90% completion and I'm working very hard to give you guys SP. I'll have everything by tomorrow ready for server deployment. I just need to do some final installation of the last few features and configure them. I'll be collecting the Plot World at 8pm AEST and will be transferring it over to SP.



MGSBigBoss ---[CivilPrison:Owner]---

TeamSP Vs TeamCP

RyuksLegacy posted Jun 19, 16

Hello all,
as many of you I'm sure have seen around the server or in chat there have been signs placed and people saying "#TeamSP" or just TeamSP in general, this is because most people want us to 'open our eyes' and realise that Civil has not matched up to our expectations and bring back something that many of our long played, players hold treasured in their heart, and that my friends is SpacePrison, now if you don't know SpacePrison was the server before it was reborn as CivilPrison, and now we're giving the oppertunity to vote which one you want, just click the strawpoll and do what from there! 

Happy Voting~ RyRy and The Staff Team.

Hey Guys,

Due to unforseen reasons, Civil Prison staff have regret to inform you that within the next few days, Civil Prison will be closing down. It was fun configuring the server and having you guys online to play on the server. However, in the event of closing a server, I am happy to announce the revival of SpacePrison. We will still keep the name of "Civil Prison" as a server name. I am also going to announce that we will be renamed as "CivilSpace Prison". From that being said, here are the list of things that will happen to the server.

Everyone that has a plot, will have all their items inside the building cleared, as in all items from chest will be cleared, but not the building itself.

Ranks, Inventory and Balance will be resetted.  

Free World will be kept meaning that if you have an area inside Free World, It will not be removed. There will be prison ranks on the server, which in this case is "Free", will allow you to return back to your base if you have reach the rank with rankups. 

If you have a donation rank on SpacePrison, we will return those back to you, under the condition that you will have to truthfully state the rank you had on the server. Any false request will result in the denial of a donator rank. I'll perform thorough cross check-up in the event of a rank that is being requested upon.

I'll still be the owner of the server considering the negative and positive news.


MGSBigBoss ---[CivilPrison:Owner]---

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